Deer Park Physical Therapy Partners with Deer Park Middle School

Tim Olietti, Principle of Deer Park Middle School, came to Deer Park Physical Therapy last year looking to make a change in their exercise equipment.  When he observed the equipment at The Fitness Center, and The Gym, he knew he had found exactly what he was looking to add at the school.

“I was tired of the ‘old school’ way of training,” says Principal Tim Olietti. “I wanted a new look for our school and for our students.”

Sean Bernier, CSCS, FMSC, the Fitness Director at The Fitness Center and The Gym agreed to consult with the school on how to build and design a new facility. Mr. Olietti wanted to maximize the use of his space with the most up to date exercise equipment for the students. 

Sean visited their gym facility and found that much of the Middle School’s exercise equipment was out-dated and simply not functional for middle school aged athletes. Sean worked with the school staff and teachers to clear away old exercise equipment and draw up plans for an improved gym area that would facilitate 25-30 students at a time.  Once the plans were approved, Sean assisted with the ordering of Rogue Fitness equipment and the placement of new machines to create an environment conducive to exercise.  Sean then spent hours training the PE teachers on how to set up circuit style workouts with the equipment and in-depth training on equipment safety.  In all, Sean taught over 100 students and 10 teachers on proper safety and body mechanics while using the new equipment.  


Deer Park Physical Therapy & The Gym continue their partnership with Deer Park Middle School by running classes at The Gym (841 S Main, Suite J) that are specifically suited to young athletes and placing Physical Therapists at the school during sports practices to help assess any injuries student may have.  Multiple studies have shown that student athletes who receive proper care for injuries early will return to the field faster with less risk of re-injury and chronic pain.

Beverly Roberts