Pool General Information


Pool Pic 2017.JPG

Lanes:  up to 3 Lap Lanes

Dimension:  30 feet wide and 50 feet long

Depth:  3.5 ft.-5.5 ft.

Temperature:  89 degrees

Our facility also includes locker rooms with full showers, lockers, and private changing areas.  We ask that, if you bring a lock and take your items with you when you leave.  Our facility does not provide towels, so we ask that you bring your own.



Water Aerobics

Our Water Aerobics classes are fun, active, and community centered.  All Ages and skill levels are welcome.  It is not a progressive class, so you can join at any time and be able to follow the instructors. 

Cost:  $10 per class, drop-in rate

          $60 for 12 classes with the Aqua Fitness Pass

Swim Lessons

We offer both group and private swimming lessons for both members and non-members.

Group Lessons:  8 classes which meet twice weekly for 4 weeks

Parents are highly encouraged to attend classes (when children are 8 or younger, parents are required to remain in the pool area during classes) and cheer their swimmers on.  Photos and videos are also encouraged (and it would be great if you tagged us in them on Facebook or Instagram when you post them too), however, we would like to remind our photographers that we often share our pool with aqua therapy patients.  Please help us ensure our patients’ privacy by not including them in the frame of your picture.

Group Swim Lessons for Members and Non-Members are as follows:

                                                Members            Non-Members

                Parent/Child:     $35                         $50

                Preschool:          $35                         $50

                Beginner:            $45                         $60

                Intermediate:     $45                         $60

               Advanced:          $45                         $60


Private Swim Lessons are available by appointment for both members and Non-Members. 

                30 Min.                 $25-one student

                                            $35-two students

                60 Min.                 $50-one student

                                            $70-two students

Students who wish to share private lessons must be of a similar skill level and approved by the instructor.  The instructor reserves the right to ask students to schedule separately if needed.



Aquatic Therapy

Deer Park Physical Therapy takes pride in offering our patients the highest level of care.  Our Aquatic Physical Therapists are trained in a variety of techniques to rehabilitate patients from injuries and chronic illnesses with increased comfort and ease of movement.  They specialize in treatment of orthopedic conditions including osteoarthritis, sports-related injuries and rehabilitation following orthopedic surgeries; neurological conditions including stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease; and a variety of other impairments including generalized weakness/deconditioning, poor balance, and gait abnormalities.