Fueled by Deer Park Physical Therapy

Fueled by Deer Park Physical Therapy


841 S Main, Suite J
Deer Park, WA

The Gym is a human performance center that specializes in one-on-one workout sessions with a strength coach, evaluations from a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and/or certified athletic trainer throughout your entire fitness experience. Each exercise prescription, fitness class, and therapeutic treatment will be customized and unique to each individual with a variety of athletic movement progressions, while providing the knowledge to prevent future injuries. The Gym works with all levels of individuals from weekend warriors to elite athletes. We are committed to improving quality of life, eliminating pain, improving function, and return to sport as quickly and safely as possible through a full spectrum of agility, balance, coordination and other dynamic movements.

Body Conditioning: If you are new to the fitness world and would like to learn how to lift weights properly and get sculpted at the same time, Body Conditioning is for you! Lift weights at your pace, learn proper technique, and gain strength! Even if you are a seasoned veteran or a first timer, Body Conditioning will give you the workout you need!

Boot Camp: Looking for an all-inclusive fitness program designed to maximize your fitness level in the shortest amount of time? You will expect to find a wide range of circuit training designed to eliminate plateaus and surpass your fitness goals! Come enjoy the challenge of our Boot Camp!

Body Fit: If you like our Body Conditioning class, high intensity interval training, and circuit-style workouts, come try Body Fit where you can get the best of all worlds! Designed for individuals who are looking for an introduction to higher intensity exercise, Body Fit combines the core concepts of body conditioning and HIIT workouts to offer a new and fun challenge!



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Tier I
8 Visits
(2 Days a week)

Tier II
12 Visits
(3 Days a week)

Tier III
Unlimited Visits

Did you know we also have The Fitness Center and the Pool?