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Did you know you can rent The Gym?

Rentals for The Gym are available for any group of eight or more that wishes to rent a gym slot for hour-long segments. This could be but is not limited to AAU teams, club teams, high school programs, outside organizations wishing to do karate, judo, etc. Anyone can rent The Gym if they are interested in a fitness related endeavor. Signed waivers are needed for the group leader as well as every participant in order to participate in the rental time allotted.

You can rent any time on our schedule that ins’t blocked out for one our regular classes. Please endeavor to give us two weeks notice before renting the facility as we have clients throughout the day with our personal trainers.

The Gym Rental = $80/hr for non-members, $60/hr for members.

841 S Main, Suite J
Deer Park, WA